Update V0.3 - Early Access

Update V0.3
With Update V0.3 , the game is now finally in Early Access!


  • Walking animation has been implemented
  • Sneaking animation has been smoothened
  • Idle animation has been implemented
  • Running animation has been improved
  • Improved camera controls


  • Improvement to Sound effects


  • Level is now 1 continues level
  • Ground textures have been implemented
  • New interactable newspapers have been implemented


  • Pause Menu art has been implemented
  • Pop Up Art has been implemented

Known issues

  • Wolves can be a bit buggy
  • Wolves don't have textures
  • Purple orb at the end of the tutorial section
  • A few visible hitboxes
  • Hiding not well defined yet
  • A few locations where you can get out of bounds
  • Temporarily removed cutscenes


cry-of-the-fox-windows.zip 743 MB
Version 2 Jun 14, 2022

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