Update V0.6 - Full Release

Update V0.6
Update V0.6 is the full release of Cry of the Fox, with massively improved levels, assets, camera's and much more.


  • BUAS and Unreal Engine splash screen has been added
  • New cutscenes
    • Intro cutscene
    • Level 1 Intro cutscene
    • Ending credits cutscene
  • README has been added to install folder


  • Tutorial level has been improved
    • Rework to be more linear and improve on boarding
    • Area rework at the end of the tutorial level
  • Tutorial level has art assets in place
  • Level 1 has been improved
    • Tweaks to allow more exploration and utilise the verticallity more
  • Level 1 has art assets in place
  • Lighting improved in all levels
    • New post process lighting added


  • Player animations have been improved
    • Dust particles have been added to movement
    • Turning animations have been added
    • New walking animations has been added
    • More gradual transition when slowing down
  • Short distance jumps have been added
  • Camera has been improved
    • Feeling has improved
    • Sensitivity has been lowered
  • Camera now locks onto targets of interest slightly


  • Player audio has been implemented
    • Footsteps
    • Jump sounds
    • Death sounds
  • Wolf audio has been implemented
    • Idle sound
    • Attack sound
  • Ambient noises have been implemented


  • Wolf attack animation has been added


  • Main Menu visuals have been improved
  • Button Prompts have new visuals
  • Settings menu is now functional

Art Assets

  • New props have been added
  • New textures have been added
  • New foliage  has been added
  • New decals have been added
  • New leaves have been added the player can walk through

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong level would load at the end of the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where particles for artefacts wouldn't show up
  • Fixed a bug where player couldn't walk over a wagon
  • Fixed a bug where button prompts would disappear incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where navigation in Main Menu was incorrect
  • Fixed a bug where wolf wouldn't kill occasionally
  • Fixed a bug where a plank had no spline
  • Fixed a bug where audio settings weren't saved
  • Fixed a bug where player wouldn't stay sneaked when not moving
  • Fixed a bug where camera became jittery when sprinting
  • Fixed a bug where control directions would get messed up on the fence
  • Fixed a bug where grass would disappear when getting too close
  • Fixed a bug where controller wasn't properly supported in the Main Menu
  • Fixed a bug where button prompt wouldn't rotate properly
  • Fixed a bug where player would go out of sneaking when not moving
  • Fixed a bug where jump wouldn't work when too close to an object
  • Fixed a bug where light was leaking from buildings
  • Fixed a bug with clipping floor textures
  • Fixed a performance issue with foliage
  • Fixed a performance issue with green-screen cube

Known issues

  • Button prompt readability in some places
  • Button prompt appearing distance is a bit off in some places
  • Weird collision on certain props
  • Camera clips into fence when sneaking underneath it
  • Intro cutscene can't be skipped
  • Can't hide in some bushes
  • Sneak animation keeps playing very slowly when not moving
  • Cinematics don't play when they are triggered when sneaking


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Version 1 Jun 28, 2022

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