Drivinity update 1.0.3 - "The white-screen fix"

Drivinity update 1.0.3

Hello everyone!
We're finally ready to release a new version of the game, which will fix the issue where the game crashes on launch, and with that, some other improvements we hope you will enjoy! Currently we are still in development and working hard on removing bugs in the game, we're looking forward to your feedback and let us know if there is any issues.


  • Added keyboard support (work in progress)
  • Improvements on Vehicle particles (work in progress)
  • Loading screen shows control scheme
  • End race cinematic (work in progress)

In this update we added keyboard input, so that the game can also be played without connecting a controller. Keyboard input will automatically be enabled/disabled when you connect/disconnect a controller.  Keyboard input is still in its early stages and will receive improvements in future updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the white-screen crash on launch
  • Best lap timer was not shown after finishing a race

Known Issues

  • Running into the wall will occasionally cause the game to freeze
  • Vehicle skins are still in development
  • "Abydos" track is removed in this version as it is unfinished and not ready for release
  • Best lap timer is not updated in the final lap

When the lap timer is still counting but all vehicles appear to be frozen, you will need to exit the game by pressing the start button on your controller and returning to the menu. 

We are hoping to fix these issues in the coming days, stay tuned!

Team Godspeed

Control Scheme

In Game Control Scheme

Keyboard scheme

In game keyboard scheme


Drivinity Win64 631 MB
Version 1.0.3 Jul 03, 2018

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