Drivinity update 1.0.4 - "Skins"

Update 1.0.4

Hello everyone, today we released a new update that will bring back our second track and finally allow you to select a different skin for each vehicles. A few days ago we also launched a website where you can report bugs and submit a crash report in case the game crashes. A link to this site can be found below:

Drivinity Website


  • Skin selection is now functional
  • "Abydos" track is now available again

Bug Fixes

  • Occasional crashes due to running into the wall

Known issues

  • Best lap timer for final lap is not updated
  • On "Abydos" the AI is known to fly off track

Stay tuned for more updates and we hope you enjoy the 1.0.4 update!

Team Godspeed


Drivinity Win64 631 MB
Version 1.0.4 Jul 06, 2018

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