Version3.0 - Demo

This is version 3.0 of Echoes of Silence. We made some major changes to how the game and story progresses. Additionally some known issues have been fixed.

New Features:

  • Major changes to the game progression.
  • Added cinematics to enhance story.
  • Improved symbols and use grafity to indicate symbol location.
  • Clear item pick up effect.
  • Construction ghost moves around the area.
  • Spirits can be seen when using the camera.
  • New cinematics have been added

Fixed Issues:

  • Interaction is now more responsive.
  • Construction is no longer a placeholder.
  • VFX more visible and multiple types have been added.
  • Cinematic no longer goes through the floor or play on different speeds
  • Collision has been fixed to no longer block the player.
  • More lights have been added in dark areas.
  • Improved main menu screen.
  • Improved objective description.

Known Issues:

  • Dialogue sometimes skips or gets cut short.
  • Player can see through walls when they're close to them in first person view.
  • Voices often do not match the mood of the scene.
  • Dialogue and subtitles can overlap.
  • Pause menu does not have proper visuals yet.
  • Its possible to keep interacting with picked up items and have the cinematic play.
  • Shrines can be activated before talking with the construction ghost.

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Jun 19, 2023

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