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NOTICE! This game is currently in development. The release on itch.io is an early access release and may contain bugs.

Immerse yourself in this eerie supernatural mystery game set in 1980s Japan.

Embark on a suspenseful journey as Yuto, a young man searching for his friend in the haunted city district of Kurokawa-cho.

Uncover dark secrets and encounter the paranormal as you explore the dimly lit streets of the abandoned neighborhood.

Use your camera to communicate with spirits, find clues in the environment, and solve puzzles that take you closer to the truth.

Can you unravel the mystery of Kurokawa-cho and find your missing friend?


Known Issues

  • Dialogue sometimes skips or gets cut short.
  • Player can see through walls when they're close to them in first person view.
  • Voices often do not match the mood of the scene.
  • Dialogue and subtitles can overlap.
  • Pause menu does not have proper visuals yet.
  • Its possible to keep interacting with picked up items and have the cinematic play.
  • Shrines can be activated before talking with the construction ghost.

The Development Team


Ad Bressers
Remco Nijs

Game Design 

Jenny LoikkanenDesign Lead, Narrative Designer
Käty OlupLevel Designer
Maxim BlagoevTechnical Designer
Remco NijsTechnical Designer
Saúl Barambones RegueraNarrative DesignerSystems Designer

Visual Art

Bram KleinArt Lead, VFX
Adelė OsterbergCharacter Artist
Ana PusiankovaAnimator
Brecht SohierEnvironment Artist
Dani SpaargarenCharacter Artist
David HeerProp Artist
Mike van der HeijdenCharacter Artist
Sabrina TaoujniRigger, Animator


Ad BressersProgramming Lead
Afonso Filhó Da FonsecaGameplay Programmer, Yuto's Voice
Boudewijn WitteveenGameplay Programmer


EchoesOfSilence_Version3.0.zip 732 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip, extract it, and run the .exe

Development log


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No graphics options whatsoever?

Voice lines are getting super cut off.

Camera is super laggy and character looks like he has the gmod. Rapidly tap the W button, then the S button and he'll moonwalk.

I think this game has a rough start but the journal looks incredible... IF I can quit of the journal... ARGHHH  that menuuuu

NAUSEA ALERT! Focus, THEN focus more, and I can finally go through the door. Why did I have to do that? Why did you give me motion sickness?

Crouch is fine. Cutscene is fine.

I can clip through a lamp, and text about "press e to pick up journal" clips through the subtitles instead of above it.

I hear the sound effect of my interaction with the lamp being complete, so I back out. Turns out you have to hold it LONGER than that. Why?

Why no background ambient music? I can give you some tabletop dungeons and dragons license free soundboard music if you'd like.

WHY does the cutscene still have my camera overlay?

Press space to >CLIMB< is more like it.

I never really got last apart from how to light the lanterns, well done!


Echoes of Silence more like Echoes of Why


Cool idea to have a mystery game set in 1980s Japan! 

The art looked gorgeous and there were a lot of clever references that I spotted! (My favourite was probably the Hachiko sign)

It's clear to see that there was a lot of thought put into the potential story of the game, which you didn't have time to execute fully. But the idea of carrying the notebook around with you and talking to ghosts using your camera we're very promising and I am curious about how they would have been used in the future! (For now, lighting the lanterns was a nice introduction puzzle, but didn't have much substance).

Controller support and having all camera actions on one button would have been nice! ;)

Nice idea overall with a well-established atmosphere!

You can talk to the ghosts? Or is that planned?