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Descend into the fiery depths in Hellbound, a top-down action rogue-like where you fight colossal demons in procedurally generated levels of hell. You play as a Fallen Angel that broke free from the Chains of Damnation keeping you in hell. Redeem yourself by using the very chains used to tie you down to destroy the souls of the most dangerous Lords of Hell.

Explore the infinite rooms of hell

Unleash your
Angelic Powers

Fight the colossal Demon Lords...

...And Die. Forever Bound in Hell





Pull apart pieces of the demon to attack them separately

Hold button to become a sawblade

Swing your wings to damage the enemies

Reposition yourself and dodge incoming attacks

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hellbound-win.zip 270 MB
Version 0.3.3 Jul 01, 2023

Install instructions

    Download the game

    Extract the HellBound folder

    Double click on HellBound.exe


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    the intro could use some voice over instead of the same music without sound effects and some vague stuff is happening also without sound effect

    The game feels clumsy without proper visual and auditory feedback, and the music randomly changing and looping abruptly cutting off.

    It feels like you're making a hades level game without some smaller enemies to train on.

    When I managed to escape the level I was done.

    You need to focus on the basics. What makes a game fun and interactive? Answer that first.

    One of the best games from our year! I'm usually not into these type of hack and slash games and also overly religious and satanic themes don't normally appeal to me...but this was freakin' AWESOME! 

    I was playing all the Year 2 games and when I got to this one, my brother, a usually really harsh critic, looked up from his phone and just said "I want to play this game".

    I got so much enjoyment from the simple formula of slashing, dodging and pulling consistently and loved the part where everything turned black and white - I never knew why this happened, but it felt great every time!

    Overall, I feel the information display could have been better here and there, but it was one hell of a ride to play! 

    Did you manage to beat the hydra?


    Greetings,again. I come with  more feedback xd

    Overall, it was nice to see other levels and a few other touches being made.

    Player healthbar_2 is coming out to the left side of healthbar_3 when damage is taken.(Still exists)

    The combo multiplier is always visible. Starting the game and seeing ''0x'' is kind of confusing. It would be nice to be visible and start when 1 or 2 attacks are made.(Still exists, idk if it is intentional to be that way)

    The lightning on the first map seems quite bright in comparison to the other maps. To be honest, I quite like the darker tone of the other maps; it gives a more authentic feel and also gives Diablo 2 and Hades vibes.

    The player does not take any damage from the boss's attacks when going through a portal to another map. Basically takes damage only on the first map.

    Sometimes the boss runs away just as the portal opens and doesn't let me go in it.

    I can exit the map through the bottom walls on the darker maps.

    Whenever I die, the game restarts on a darker map with the boss's health cut in half. Which, after a bit of animation, leads to the portal opening right under the character.

    When I'm close to the bottom or right wall, the UI brightens.

    The animation on the boss health when he’s taking damage is quite slow, it feels like I have bleed effect or something :D

    I apologize if I'm being harsh, keep up the good work

    Looking forward to the next update :)

    Hello, thanks for playing the build again! We are in the process of fixing those issues and a new build will be up soon

    Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to play our update and also providing so much feedback! The new build is out now!

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    Great animations and movement! The game feels smooth, and it's nice-looking.

    Here's some feedback :)

    Player healthbar_2 is coming out to the left side of healthbar_3 when damage is taken.

    The obvious one is that the boss doesn't die when his health is depleted to zero. In cases where he is near a wall, his movement makes him clip out of it.

    The combo multiplier is always visible.  Starting the game and seeing ''0x'' is kind of confusing. It would be nice to be visible and start when 1 or 2 attacks are made.

    Going to the bottom or right wall does not fix the camera in such a way that the player's screen is not half void. 

    I hope I'm being helpful. I can provide pictures if needed. Overall its priety solid for what it is, keep up the good work. :)

    Thank you for trying out the game and for the great feedback, it has been relayed to the team and keep on the lookout for the next update!

    the game looks great but i think the boss in invincible,i attacked him for minutes and he didn't die ;-;

    Thank you for playing our game, we're still working on this issue, it should be solved in the next update!