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Sugar blast is a third-person shooter set in an overrun candy factory! Take up your boots and soda-pack as the monkey-mechanic and shoot your way through the waves of robots!

  • WASD to move
  • Space to Jump / Soda-Pack boost
  • Shift to Soda-Dash
    • When pressing Shift you will dash in the direction you're currently moving. If pressing Shift while not moving, you'll dash straight upwards!
  • LMB to Shoot
  • RMB to use Alternate Shot
  • Esc to open the Menu

Visual Arts ProgrammingDesign & Production
Abigail Simanjuntak      
Dayana Kotseva
Elora Pavlova
Emar Walstra
Leroy Vis
Liza Makhova
Naomi de Jong
Remco van de Ven
Simeon Lafazanov
Mihaela Gagalova 

Past Members:
Konstantina Kostova      
Deyan Mohamed
Rick Pijpers
Robin Hardy
Xavier ten Hove         
Bram Simonis
David van der Waals
Jelle Steinmann
Jordy Domenie
Marloes de Graaf         
Odysseas Tsiridis
Robin Jansen E. S.
Roel Jansen
Shane Breedveld

Past Members:
Ariënne van Ee
Antonio C. Fernandez
Jort Emmer

Music - Diyan Gagalov

For press inquiries, check out the Sugar Blast Press Kit here


SugarBlastV1.3.3.zip 645 MB


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Really fun! Very challenging!

Thanks a lot for playing our game, we're happy to hear you enjoyed your experience!


Very addictive game. It got gradually more difficult the more you progress in the game - and each time you respawn, you can see you've gotten better at playing it.
I'd also like to mention - I really enjoyed the controls,, jumping, then flying for a while was really fun!

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Hey, thanks for the positive reply! Great to hear you are enjoying the game!


Loved the improvement from the first version I playtested! I enjoyed playing it and it feels very decent!


Thanks again for playtesting! And good to hear you enjoyed playing the early access build!  

Great game! The movement feels really good and goes along well with the level design. Though, I do have some complaints. The shaders can look a bit ugly in certain rooms and the banana splitter feels very underpowered without using the alt fire. Overall though, I'm looking forward to what comes next of this!


Happy to hear you enjoyed our game and thank you for sharing your feedback! We are currently in the process of art passing the levels and are still balancing and tweaking the weapons, updates will come soon!

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Thank you for taking the time to play our game! If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know!

Amazing game dev and so much fun 

Thanks for the comment! We're really excited that you enjoyed the game. We'll be pushing more updates soon!