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Year 2 Block C & D BUAS project.

About the game:

An action-packed shooter where you play as a reaper banishing armies of demons. Defeat their generals, rip out their hearts, sacrifice them at the altar to end their rampage and gain more abilities!



W A S D = Move
Space = Jump/Climb
Left Mouse = Shoot
Q / Right Mouse button = Javelin Throw (press again to recall)
E / L-Shift = Gap Closer/Hook
R = Ground Slam

Meet the team:

We are a team of 17 members, who had worked on this project over the course of 12 weeks.
4 weeks concepting and 8 weeks development time.

Visual Arts

Mara DarabanArt Lead & Character Art
Kylian VisWeapon Art & UV
Alexandru Horvath
Character Art
Weronika SucheniaAnimation
Emil VoychevRigging
Peter GannonEnvironment Art
Georgi BabushkinEnvironment Art

Design & Production:

Tony KuhlmannProducer & Sound Design
Tim RaaijmakersDesign Lead & Gameplay Design
Ibrahim El AmraniSystem Design
Sven LeitschGameplay Design
Nick BuzatuGameplay Design
Sabina BarbuLevel Design


Kevin OttenProgramming Lead & QA 
Tsanko HristovAI & Gameplay Programming
Wouter HunterGameplay & VFX Programming
Sava TerzeeskyAI Programming

Honorable Mentions:

Name Role
Costa Borghart Environment Art
Emanuele Ardolino
Production Coach


Release v1.0 989 MB
Alpha v0.3 (UNSTABLE) 941 MB
Alpha v0.2 717 MB
Alpha v0.1 (STABLE) 330 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip file of the game.
  2. Extract "The Cleansing" file.
  3. Run TheCleansing.exe

Development log

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