Release Notes Build V0.4.2

Key Changes

  1. Bugfixing: Fixed the issue, where the player was able to place multiple turrets on a single spot.
  2. Turret Visuals: When an upgrade is purchased a part of the turret will change colors to represent the upgrade. The colors of Tier 1 and Tier 2 upgrades are different.
  3. Turret Visuals: The cannon turret now the final version of the 3D model.
  4. Enemy Visuals: The fast flying enemy now has a 3D model. This model is not yet animated.

Known Issues / Bugs

  • Turret buying and upgrade UI shakes with the train
  • Turret buying and upgrade UI sometimes cuts off at the top of the screen
  • A placeholder locomotive is present in the build
  • Enemies go through walls and walk over air when going from one train car to another
  • 3D HUD is a placeholder
  • There is no feedback to indicate that the player does not have enough money to buy an upgrade
  • The player can skip the weight onboarding of the tutorial by waiting for the warning message to pop up and then sell the turrets in the car, resulting in the timer for detaching to be reset
  • Range indicator UI is not being hidden when the player zooms out of the train car
  • Contract pick up and Handing in screens are still in prototype stage
  • Contract pick up UI is layered above the pause menu
  • Player can zoom in on cars when in station by using the mouse scroll wheel

Change List

  • Analytics
    • Resets analytics data on restart level
    • Logs the name of tile the turret was built on
  • Turrets
    • Cannon
      • Added 3D model
      • Added relevant textures/materials
      • Added spot light
    • General
      • Turrets change materials based on purchased upgrades
  • Turret placement
    • Fixed turret stacking bug
    • Added feedback when the player does not have enough money to buy an upgrade
  • Train Cars
    • Engine
      • Replaced engine car with a different blockout, to remove the white boxes
  • Enemies
    • SFX
      • Death sfx
      • Walk sfx
    • Fast enemy
      • Added a 3D model
  • Main menu
    • Fixed button clicking bugs
  • Tutorial
    • Fixed issue when tutorial message was blocking buttons for buying turrets and upgrades

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    Jun 08, 2023

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