Release Notes build V0.6.0 - 19/06/2023

Key Changes

  1. Reworked tutorial to explain the game more clearly
  2. Fixed tutorial alignment issues
  3. Added the final version of 3D HUD
  4. Fixed issues with restarting the game from pause menu not resetting all values
  5. Added a new version of the station
  6. Added new SFX for alarm, car swapping, no money to purchase turret/upgrade
  7. Fixed issue where cannon goo upgrade would do no damage
  8. Fixed issue where the second stating car would not get removed at the correct station
  9. Rebalanced turret upgrade stats
  10. Added art for mission accept message
  11. Added an option to build turrets while in a station

Known Issues / Bugs

  • Restarting after dying does not reset all stats properly
  • Turret buying and upgrade UI shakes with the train
  • Turret buying and upgrade UI sometimes cuts off at the top of the screen when the aspect ration is 16:9
  • Contract pick up UI is layered above the pause menu

Change List

  • Gameplay states
    • Added option to build turrets while at a station
  • Turrets
    • Sniper
      • Fixed issue where sniper cost displayed a wrong number
      • Changed description of turret to reflect its armor piercing capabilities
    • Cannon

      • Fixed issue where goo upgrade did not do any damage
    • Refund costs after handing in cars are now correct
    • Made turret upgrades more powerful
    • Changed weight values of turrets
      • Minigun = 3
      • Sniper = 6
      • Cannon = 7
  • Enemies
    • Added blood decals on enemy death
    • Tank enemy
      • Changed height
    • Fast enemy
      • Changed height
  • Cars
    • Fixed issue where main mission car would not get the station number updated
    • Engine
      • Added smoke VFX to engine
    • Starting car now gets properly removed when its counter reaches zero
  • Environment
    • Rails
      • Added a new mesh and texture
    • Train station
      • Added pipes
      • Added a new wall variant
      • Added decal text to stations
      • Added various decals to the station
    • Added new tunnel entrance
  • SFX
    • Added SFX for swapping cars (picking up and dropping them down)
    • Added new level SFX
    • Added car disconnect SFX
    • Added Alarm for weight overload SFX
    • Added SFX for no money to buy turrets/upgrades
    • Added new ambient station SFX
  • UI
    • Main Menu
      • Changed font
    • Main mission
      • Added art for main mission screen
    • Turret placement menu
      • Added turret weight indicator to placement menu
      • Range of turrets is now shown before the turret is built
    • Upgrade menu
      • Range of turrets is now shown before an upgrade is purchased
    • Changed the accept buttons on Contract pick-up, Contract hand-in and Main mission accept
  • 3D HUD
    • Added final model of the 3D HUD
    • Added speed up buttons to the 3D HUD
  • Tutorial
    • UI is now anchored correctly
  • Analytics

    • Analytics data now gets saved when restarting the level to keep the previous run
  • General bug fixes
    • Now resets all relevant stats when restarting using the pause menu


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Jun 19, 2023

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