A downloadable game for Windows

Iron Line is a tower defense game where you are one of a few, train conductors capable of traversing on the Iron Line. Will you survive the onslaught, or get an express ticket to the afterlife?


Horizontal movement = A & D

Move to car = Correlating number on keyboard

Zoom = W & S or Space or Scroll wheel

Interact = LMB


Sophie Dapperens


Tycho Charko

Matej Kalocai

Viktor Adamec - Lead


Lia Kim Kool - Lead / VFX

Roshant Elvin

Jose Luis Pellegrino Canora


Jakub Petr - Lead

Tim Rasenberg


Luka Bijmolen - Character Artist


IronLineV1.1.zip 568 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the game
  • Extract the .zip file
  • Launch the .exe file

Development log


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Interesting design! It would be awesome if there was a longer campaign with a far wider variety of shipments whose successful delivery determines which turrets and upgrades you can use for future deliveries. Great, smooth programming!

Thank you for playing our game! We really appreciate the feedback and we hope you enjoyed playing. 

The idea of shipments unlocking upgrades is an idea we've had floating around for a while, but sadly we couldn't fit it in before our deadline. If we end up continuing work on it, it's definitely being considered :) 


No intro logos, just right into a low res menu without resolution or bordeless options, and a tiny audio slider, and weird quality button locations. Audio enabled? Could've fooled me! Having a tutorial is a huge step up though.

"This counter shows your scrap" Okay, and which button builds the minigun?

Kind of rough for the completionist when the tutorial forces you to take a small L.

Interesting that you do show all the game has to offer in the first 5 minutes, cars overloading, equipment placing and upgrading, train calling.

Ok so I press the sign contract button but the contract dissapears before I could see my stamp..

Do I get bonnuses for calling waves early?

My biggest complaint is that the monsters appear out of thin air, and there is no way to set target priority for turrets, and the game ends very abruptly without showing you any kind of score.

I can't choose the car I hand in!?!?! Well goodbye maxed out car..

So far this seems like the most complete game, in terms of design intent and art direction, but the gameplay depth seems lacking.


That was impressive! The concept was really neat it was a good game.  maybe add some lore or character the 3d is decent. DID I MENTION IT WAS 3D. overall 8/10

Hope the best for the group who made this

i hope you guys the best

sorry for the bad grammar im just lazy af

Thank you for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it.