Release Notes Build V0.5.1 - 14/6/2023

Key Changes

  1. Remade the tutorial to contain less text and be more visual based
  2. Added the final version of the locomotive 3D model 
  3. Added art assets to the contract selection screen
  4. Added art assets to the contract hand in screen
  5. Added icons and rewrote the text of the turret placement and update menu
  6. Added feedback when the player does not have enough money to buy a turret or an upgrade
  7. Rebalanced the game to be harder and more engaging for the player
  8. Changed the background environment into a post-apocalyptic desert
  9. Remade the car UI for station number and weight to fit in more with the train
  10. Made weight of cars be more turret driven rather than enemy driven
  11. Removed the infinitely lasting car
  12. Changed the the layouts of the 2 starting cars
  13. Changed the layout of the main mission car

Known Issues / Bugs

  • Turret buying and upgrade UI shakes with the train
  • Turret buying and upgrade UI sometimes cuts off at the top of the screen
  • 3D HUD is a placeholder
  • Range indicator UI is not being hidden when the player zooms out of the train car
  • Contract pick up UI is layered above the pause menu
  • Tutorial UI is not aligned properly
  • Stations and money indicators are not reset properly with restart/exit to menu/death reset
  • Sniper cost in description is set to 300 instead of 200
  • The station number on the main mission car occasionally does not update
  • The station number of the stating car goes occasionally into the negative numbers

Change List

  • UI
    • Death screen
      • Added art for death screen
    • Fonts
      • Added new font for UI usage
    • Fixed issue where scrap counter needed to load in 
  • Placement & Upgrade menu
    • Added icons for Damage, Range and Fire rate
    • Rewrote the texts for the upgrades
    • Remade the layout of the description box
    • Removed default unreal button borders from the buttons
    • Added feedback for when the player cannot buy a turret on an upgrade
  • Turrets
    • VFX
      • Added napalm VFX
      • Added cannon flash VFX
    • Canon
      • Fixed issue of Barrage upgrade not functioning properly
      • Increased the blast radius value
    • Minigun
      • Lowered damage value
      • Made first Tier 1 upgrade more powerful
    • General
      • Made turrets heavier to limit the amount that can be placed in a single car
  • SFX
    • Fixed issue of buying SFX playing when it should not
    • Cut up enemy walking SFX
    • Made enemy death SFX louder
    • Added SFX for choosing a contract
    • Added SFX for accepting a contract
    • Added SFX for receiving money
    • Added SFX for swapping cars
  • Enemies
    • Changed enemy health values
    • Changed enemy speed values
      • All enemies are faster
    • Changed enemy weight values
      • All enemies except Tanks weigh less
    • Added enemy health scaling based on station number
  • Enemy pathing
    • Fixed bug where enemies changed paths after a car was detached
    • Fixed bug where enemies would not follow the correct path when travelling between cars
  • Enemy waves
    • Lowered the wait times between wave segments
  • Cars
    • UI
      • Added a screen to the back of each car with information about station number and weight
    • Changed the infinite car to last 3 stations
    • Added feedback for swapping cars
  • Contracts
    • Changed contract payouts
    • Implemented art assets for contract pick up screen
    • Reworked the layout for contract pick up screen
    • Player cannot pick up hard difficulty contracts before the 4th station
    • Implemented art assets for contract hand in screen
  • Environment
    • Background
      • Changed the background into sand dunes with scattered buildings
      • Changed the Station back wall and placed new art assets
  • Lighting
    • Changed the lighting of both the cars and the environment
    • Turrets no longer cast shadows from spot lights
  • Camera
    • Controls
      • Added W and S to zoom in and out of cars
  • Tutorial
    • Reworked the entire tutorial to contain less text and be more visual
    • Added a skip button
  • Analytics
    • Detached cars are now recorded
    • All turrets now record damage done

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Jun 14, 2023

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