Meltdown Madness V0.3

In this version of the game, we focused on adding art, animation, sound, and a main version of the menu. we also settled on the values for the player movement and experimented with a lot of different level designs.


  • Added more visuals, shaders, animation, and rigid body animation
  • Added sound effects for water, placing pipes, and footsteps
  • Added a hidden metrics testing tool that keeps track of player data
  • Added placeholder particle effects
  • Added UI button prompts for wiggling and UI prompt for the death timer
  • Added multiple playable gyms
  • Added placeholder UI for most of the menus
  • Added an alternative rotation method for the pipes (select this method by clicking the right stick and using the right stick to rotate the pipe)
  • Finalized the feel of the character movement
  • Removed multiple ways of building pipes (now the pipe will always be placed right in front of your character)

Known bugs:

  • Error appears on the start-up of the game
  • Highlight pipe gets larger when a pipe is picked up close to a wall
  • Player can permanently die when falling into a pit
  • Death timer UI has collision
  • Some levels have invisible collision boxes in the play area
  • Max pipe count can be exceeded if players place pipes fast
  • When a team is ahead the advantage pipe spawn location is on the winning team instead of the losing team


T10 MeltdownMadness 289 MB
Jun 10, 2022

Get Meltdown Madness - 21/22 - Team 10

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