Meltdown Madness V0.4

In this new build of the game, we have been hard at work to get as much into the game as possible. The game now has more gameplay elements most of the animation, an art showcase level, and multiple gyms that were used for level testing. This version of the game also has the first implementation of music.


  • Added  more sound affects variation to most sounds
  • Added sounds for being thrown, for picking up items and players, and for breaking a pipe
  • Added interactive menu and gameplay music that changes based on the time left in the round
  • Added more particle effects for water hitting walls, and for the player walking through water
  • Added art to the UI plus more functionality like end screens
  • Removed option to rotate pipes in different ways (now you can only rotate with the bumpers and triggers)
  • Iterated on multiple levels based on testing data
  • Imported most finished art assets into the art showcase level
  • Removed water pushing the player and objects
  • Added a lobby level where the player can mess around with the features and choose a team/personal color
  • Added a ring around the player to better show which character you are
  • Added controller rumble to pick up, build, throw, and being thrown

Known bugs:

  • Music doesn't reset correctly after 1 round and breaks when navigating with the menus
  • Player can walk over gaps if a pipe or wrench is close to it
  • Player can permanently die
  • Pipe placement indicator is not rendered above the water
  • You can start the game without selecting a team color


T10 MeltdownMadness 375 MB
Jun 22, 2022

Get Meltdown Madness - 21/22 - Team 10

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