Meltdown Madness V1.0

This is the final build for the game, this build has all the art assets, sounds, music, UI, functionality, and balancing that we were able to do in 7 weeks. All game-breaking bugs have been removed and only some minor ones remain in this build. Have fun with our game that we worked very hard on!


  • Added death, start of round, end of round, nuclear water alarm, and item thrown sounds
  • Finished the sound design and adjusted the volume of sound effects
  • Fixed bugs for the music not playing correctly when starting the second round and when navigating the game through the menu's
  • Updated visuals for win screen, credits, and controls UI
  • Added visuals to all the menu buttons 
  • Added animatic after the start screen
  • Finished functionality of the lobby level
  • Finished decorating all the selectable levels
  • Added water slash effect on death and when the water stream hits the wall
  • Added secret to lobby level
  • Updated asset showcase level and added spectator cam
  • Iterated on button, locker, and corkboard asset in lobby level
  • Added bald sloth in lobby level
  • Added portrait of slothiet leader

Fixed bugs:

  • All gyms lead to lobby level and then to the selected level
  • Outlines of characters didn't match helmet colour
  • Restart shift button now goes to the correct level
  • Count down reduction when 4 players have chosen their team now works

Known bugs:

  • Main menu doesn't support all aspect ratios
  • Pipe can rotate when held by a player, and can be placed in odd rotations
  • Build pipe can sometimes simulate physics
  • Pipes spawn outside of the level sometimes
  • Taunting disables gravity and you allows the player to float in mid air
  • When two players pick up the same item one player picks up nothing


T10 MeltdownMadness 367 MB
Jun 27, 2022

Get Meltdown Madness - 21/22 - Team 10

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