Meltdown Madness V1.1

This is a small update to our game where we made some small incremental quality of life changes. Since we noticed some annoying issues during the playday. 


  • Destroying a pipe with a wrench now gives you 10 points instead of 30
  • Fixed an issue where music would stop playing after a long time running the game
  • If a team now scores 2 rounds the game will end instead of playing out the last match
  • Added a more clear indication that you need to pick a helmet before playing
  • Added instructions in game  to explain how you can spawn in your character
  • Made sure the lobby timer didn't start running when you don't have a helmet selected yet

Known bugs:

  • Main menu doesn't support all aspect ratios
  • Pipe can rotate when held by a player, and can be placed in odd rotations
  • Build pipe can sometimes simulate physics
  • Pipes spawn outside of the level sometimes
  • Taunting disables gravity and you allows the player to float in mid air
  • When two players pick up the same item one player picks up nothing


T10 MeltdownMadness 367 MB
Jul 06, 2022

Get Meltdown Madness - 21/22 - Team 10

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