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21/22 Y1D - Team 10 - Critical Mass

!This game is intended to be played with 4 people!

A game developed by Critical Mass, designed for a BUas first year project. In this 2v2 couch co-op game you play as a sloth working in a nuclear powerplant. By redirecting a jet of water to your teams nuclear reactor you gain more points for the company and can become sloths of the month.

© by Breda University of Applied Sciences & team Critical Mass

Want to get into the mood of this slothiet society? Watch this awesome animatic!

Take a look at the development of our game in this Development Trailer!


Visual ArtistsDesigners Programmers
Ketlin Riks Denise Bruin Alex Vreeland
Manon de Jong Finn Slutter Jesper Enschede
Natália Feketová Sabina Barbu Matěj Kaločai
Sanne van Rijswijck Tom Baas Stefan Pijnacker
Eline Nijhuis Briana Prejoianu


The game only supports Xbox controllers or controllers that windows recognizes natively. 


T10 MeltdownMadness V1.0.zip 367 MB
T10 MeltdownMadness V1.1.zip 367 MB

Development log


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Hi, we tried playing your game. We had trouble laying down the pipes before they dissolved. Neither of us got any points. It was not clear when the game was over. We had trouble first seeing the water. Rotating the pipes was nice, but placing them was bit hard. It did not always go where we wanted them to go.

Thank you for playing! This is absolutely great feedback and we will try to see if we can improve these points in our next update.


Hello, thank you for playing our game! Thank you for the feedback, we will make sure to keep this issues in mind and work on them.