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Play as Adira - an archer princess fighting to save her home - Tinkertown. Traverse the steampunk city and fight off the winged protectors!


Adira, a brave archer princess hears news from her home – Tinkertown, that her brother Juro has been kidnapped, and the command of the city has been usurped by the evil Duke Stremio.

Upon hearing of her brother’s misfortune, she travels back to her hometown in order to defeat the usurper and save the good people of Tinkertown.


Adira: Archer Princess is a fast-paced 3rd-person momentum-based navigation game, where you as a master archer are trying to get to the castle as fast as possible, to rescue your captured brother, while dealing with manipulated city protectors keeping you away.

Navigate through the city  using your slide and wall running abilities, and fight off enemies with your trusty bow. 



Release Developers:

Designers and Producers:

  • Plamen Kalinikov (Design Lead)
  • Maksim Major (Product Owner)
  • Sammie de Raaff (Producer)
  • Stijn van Schie (UI/UX)
  • Daniël Stander (Audio & Music)
  • Martin Vetsin (Systems)
  • Radu Tandarica (Level design)

Visual Artists:

  • Julia Scholtens (VA Lead)
  • Sabina Bojilova (Enviroment & UI/UX)
  • Paco Sikora (Enviroment & Enemy)
  • Julian Raaijmakers (Character Model)
  • Atte Oliver Mielonen (Enviroment)
  • Ryan Muit (Weapon design & Enviroment)
  • Yaro Copijn (Animations & Marketing)
  • Harm Son (Concept)
  • Esmee van Boven (Rigging & UI/UX)


  • Maarten de Kloe (PR Lead & AI & Generalist)
  • Danny Oosterwijk (3 C's & Generalist)
  •  Jimmy Stewart (3 C's & Generalist)

Previous Developers:

Designers and Producers:

  •  Attila Szucs
  • Mihail Kostov
  • Victor Stanciu
  • Wesley Cats
  • Simon Luxemburg

Visual Artists:

  • Rosanne Grootjes
  • Stela Dobreva


  • Slava Takrovskij
  • Ilan Geerlings
  • Justin Kujawa


Adira ArcherPrincess Windows 766 MB
Version 1.4 Jul 07, 2022

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I enjoy the game, but has some bugs. The music is amazing and the style looks nice. Are this team working in another game? I would like to see the progress of the team!!

Wow! Thanks!