Early Access build

For this dev update, we achieved a complete set dressed level which enhances the player experience in general. 


  • Outside of that, we fixed some bugs regarding the bounce pad, collectables and player. These were miscellaneous bugs that didn't break the game but didn't give the expected result. These included bugs like the bounce pad not giving sufficient bounce force or it wouldn't bounce at all, for the collectables we also changed the bread pick-up slightly so certain breadcrumbs can only be picked up when in ball mode or only in walking mode. 
  • We added SFX to the game to give some audio feedback on what's happening to the player.
  • We also added assets to the HUD so it looks more pleasing to the player.
  • Added instructions in the game to explain how you can use certain mechanics
  • Added blur for pause menu

Known bugs:

  • Menu music stops after staying there for too long
  • After resuming from the pause menu it takes multiple presses before actually reopening the pause menu
  • Bounce pad doesn't understand ground pound cancel
  • When the player dies without getting any checkpoint it will spawn at the latest placed checkpoint
  • The player movement continues after dying
  • The player leaves a shadow trace
  • Main menu music plays every time you open the main menu thus layering the different track over each other
  • Controller support on menu might not always take the correct input


pango-win.zip 987 MB
Version 6 Jun 07, 2023

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