Release Pango

For this dev update, we release the game containing set dressed levels.


  • Two more levels have been set dressed
  • Some ambient SFX has been added
  • The checkpoint spawn rotations have been fixed
  • The main menu screen changed to feel more alive
  • The screen fades to black when you died
  • The Itch page has received some new screenshots
  • Some outdated text has changed on the Itch page

Known bugs:

  • After resuming from the pause menu, it takes multiple presses before actually reopening the pause menu.
  • If you open the controls menu from the pause screen, you cannot exit using the controller.
  • The HUD disappears if you pause the game and resume it. And won't return even if you pick up any collectables.  
  • The player leaves a shadow trace.
  • Controller support on the menu might not always take the correct input.
  • The character's rotation on respawn can be disorienting.
  • The character has physics-related collision issues when rolling and can feel inconsistent. 
  • When restarting the level, it resets the overall number of picked-up items (from previous levels)
  • The player can get stuck in certain places which should not be accessible (missing death volumes)
  • Some assets can be seen through from the back (Texture issue)
  • Some assets have collision issues.
  • In the 3rd level, there are performance issues in the exterior area.

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Version 15 Jun 20, 2023

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