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Y2C & Y2D BUas Project | This is early access, and the final game may look/play differently. There is also a chance of encountering bugs or glitches.

Pango is a third-person skill-based platformer in which you play as Pango, an AI android made by archaeologists sent to an undiscovered temple to learn about the old society. Roll through winding pathways and jump over crumbling pillars as you collect ancient relics and uncover the secrets of an unknown civilization. Will you discover all the hidden secrets?

This game can only be played on an XBOX controller


Denise Bruin [Producer & UI Designer]


Jénilson Martins da Silva [Lead Designer]

Finn Slutter [Level Designer]

Ido Pelser [Level Designer]

Jack Jadoenath [Technical Designer]

Lukas Alongi [Level Designer]


Jannes Kuipers [Lead Programmer]

Jesper Sips  [Gameplay Programmer]

Konstantin Unguzov [Gameplay Programmer]

Visual Artists

Lukáš Gallo [Lead Artist & Technical Artist]

Eline Nijhuis [Animator & 2D Artist]

Jasmin Karić [Environment & Prop Artist]

Kai Derzbach [Environment (Hard-Surface) Artist]

Martien Rurenga [Environment, Props & Character Artist]

Maze Pressler [Art Direction & Technical Artist]

Monika Zamielska [Environment and Prop Artist]

Vlad Dushenin [Materials & VFX]

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Known bugs:

  • After resuming from the pause menu it takes multiple presses before actually reopening the pause menu.
  • If you open the controls menu from the pause screen, you cannot exit using the controller.
  • The HUD disappears if you pause the game and resume, and won't return even if you pick up any collectables.  
  • The player leaves a shadow trace.
  • Controller support on the menu might not always take the correct input.
  • The character's rotation on respawn can be disorienting.
  • The character has physics-related collision issues when rolling and can feel inconsistent. 
  • When restarting the level, it resets the overall number of picked-up items (from previous levels)
  • The player can get stuck on certain places which should not be accessible (missing death volumes)
  • Some assets have collision issues.


pango-win.zip 987 MB
Version 18 Jun 29, 2023

Install instructions

  1. Download the game.
  2.  Extract it.
  3.  Run pango.exe

Development log


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Custom cursor would go a long way

Even thought this game is made for controller, at least add a little tab so I can see what buttons on the keyboard work for it. There are plenty people who rebind buttons on controller as well so no need to restrict the player.

Camera is good, no "unreal delayed-jump quirk".

Kind of annoying how just pressing shift, moving then pressing E (standard gamer behaviours) are rewarded with an NUH-UH sound. Seems silly.

Nice visual and sound reward, and pop-up for getting coins! Best I've seen so far. Graphics are also nice and look highly detailed no matter how you zoom in.

Character has nice idle animations, and so do the coins and barriers.

I assume the barrier was a wall, but it was a checkpoint, could've indicated that better.

Can't see the sun, so where the heck is the light coming from? The rocks? But the rocks are dark.. You have to always think of spatial logic.

.. Okay you have lost me. Why on earth do I need to stay DUCKED to collect see-through coins? Want a free solution? = BURRY the coins that you can only pick up when rolled, then add a nice "dig"/"uncover" animation if you pick them up in burried mode! (and the coins you cant pick up will be too high)

Okay so I tried to go into roll mode and I flung off the side and have to do the weirdly sounding jump pad again..

The first 4 were annoying, as I just walked over them, pressed roll button, unpressed roll button and vice versa to pick them up. Rolling off the cliff is fun but make it so you can't roll back up please, otherwise there is no stakes since you can just go back up and pick up missed coins.

The level transition was pitch black, very weird.

The respawn sounds and looks like an old timey photograph sound and visual effect. Doesn't really fit for this modern style.

The coin on the right platform on level 2 is annoying to pick up.

...And my music cut off.. Talisman Artisan doesn't have this problem.

The journal UI is very impossing and hard to read, make it thinner like a website, so you don't have to strain your eyes too much.

Running into corners makes the character stand still like a t-pose, maybe add a bump-against-wall animation?

It's really frustrating to land the jump pad hit perfectly.

Temple level, I was hoping to go down the middle but I get punished for it. I see nice sights, I want to go but I die :(

Give me something to spend my coins on! Maybe a hat?!

The game is very fluid. So these performance issues on my RTX 4090 are unacceptable!!

Did I miss something or are there no more journal entries?

The temple inside, there is a jump that if you miss it while on a roll while dashing, it's impossible because the jump pad faces outwards. pls fix

The big slide down with the large conveyor belts is frustrating. I expect to slide left then right but i just fall left every time.

Okay the upwards bouncing pad into spikes is mean and childish..

There is no visual clarity between backwards and forwards facing conveyor belts. Just make them green and blue!

Okay the big tunnel, more like the big fail. First, I can't dive while in roll mode, so I have to unroll, aim above the first jump pad, and then dive, aim for the next and so forth. Tedious in a fast paced game. Then comes the big tunnel. I jump in it for fun and I can see THROUGH the level into the void. Rookie move. Then at the end I just die because I jumped too much.

The cutscene at the end was a nice treat tho


A really great idea for a platformer game that has a lot going for it! Creative movement system, clever level design and amazing art!

I had a fun time playing through the 4 levels on playday (incredible how you managed to furnish all of them to look so beautiful in such a short time)! 

Often, I didn't really feel "urged-on" enough in the game...with the idea of rolling up into a ball and zipping around, I would think that it's a game all about speed, but there were plenty of segments where I was able to just walk over the long segments that were made to roll over without any punishment (besides not getting the "rolling coins", which didn't exactly serve as a big enough motivation for me).

Some camera movement was a bit off in places, where having to re-adjust the camera myself felt a bit wonky and stomping on boost panels to get a higher jump didn't feel as impactful as I would have expected it to feel...two more minor issues.

Overall, it was great fun speedrunning this against my friends and just awesome to see what you came up with! 

(7 edits) (+4)

I think the rolling is nice. Controls well. Don't know much about the visual art but I like the shapes, the lighting, the colors and all seems to fit together well. I think the in game music is nice and fits the theme. The boost pad sound sounds nice and makes the character feel like its heavy/made of metal.


1. I think some more sounds/sound programming would be a great addition, specifically..
      .. a rolling sound
      .. walking sounds matching the material being walked on (the sand sounds exactly like the stone)
      .. the pace of walking in the sound seems to be out of sync with the walking animation
      .. landing and jumping sounds
      .. ambient sound(s) (I think ambient sound would make the music less straining to listen to if the music isn't the only background sound)

2. The jumping sometimes didn't trigger, which was especially noticeable right before a cliff where, even though it looked like I had some distance left till the cliff, jumping didn't happen.

3. The 15/6 log says there's a ending to the conclusion level. I couldn't reach the end of the 3rd level (the one without any art). In the square tower there's a floating checkpoint and floating boost pads but no platforms to stand.

4. Though the 3rd level is a mockup, the very large scaled boost pad was confusing as it appeared closer and smaller than it actually was and thus made estimating when to press ground pound not intuitive.

5. I thought the coins were distracting. Collecting them all isn't possible in every level and each coin plays a very loud sound both both of which made them feel more a distraction than fun. It's also not clear to me how they fit the theme and why to pick them up at all.



Thank you so much for taking the time to play our game. And thank you even more for leaving us some great feedback we will surely look into all the points you mentioned. If you are interested be sure to check out the release on the 19 of June!


Played all the way through.

Great job on the amount levels and the quality of them. I think there is a lot to like. Some examples are the use of lighting and the vantage point in the third level. All levels felt fun to play (the ones with art admittedly more so than the one without as e.g. the doors opening and understanding what the structures are adds a lot).

I think the ambient sounds are really cool. I especially liked that you can hear sounds coming from locations in the level such as bushes with rattlesnakes.

No issues this time with jumping after rolling.

Coin sound was softer and no longer annoying.

No issues with confusing scale of boost pads this time either.

I enjoyed playing the game.

Here are some issues I encountered..
.. sometimes (seemingly mostly where the framerate was low on my computer) bouncing happened during rolling on what looked like a flat surface (I didn't press any button) causing me to miss a jump pad.
.. framerate on the first part of the third level and in the last level was quite a lot lower than anywhere else on my (by now somewhat older) computer.
.. I couldn't get the last stone (I think it was the last, it was the last stone in the only level without any art), I didn't see a way to get to it. I took the high platforms but still didn't see a way to get to it, not sure if this is an issue or I didn't solve the puzzle.


Thank you for returning to our little game :D I am glad you could see that we took your previous feedback to heart.

We are aware of all the remaining issues you mentioned and are hard at work to make a patch build with a better frame rate (it's not only your old PC, all PCs struggle) and a fix for that last stone tablet.

From the whole team, I  want to thank you for the great feedback, and investment into the project.

Not the creator but..

1. Seems non-essential but I think a rolling sound, unless you're an expert sound designer, would distract more than help. I know when I'm rolling and when I'm not.

2. That's because you can't jump/dive while in roll mode often, or when slightly in the air.

4. This is still an issue in an otherwise mostly fast-paced game.

5. I suggested fun hats but we'll see ^^

(1 edit)

1. A rolling sound could be the sound of rocks cracking underneath or sands shoving out of the way. You don't have to be an "expert sound designer" to try (as students they also have teachers to ask for help). I didn't say this because I cannot see when I am rolling or not, I said it because it breaks immersion when you cannot hear the character interacting with the environment even though it is obvious there would be sound from what you see on the screen. 

2. Not being able to jump in roll mode is an issue. Not sure if with "slightly in the air" you mean that the character came off the ground even though the surface looked flat and not pressing the spacebar, which is also an issue.

4. They've removed the scaled boostpads I was talking a while ago. Did you play an old version?

5. We'll see ;)