Daily update 13/6

For this dev update, we achieved more levels added to the game.


  • Added more levels to enjoy while playing
  • Changed the checkpoint asset
  • Added some fog
  • Switched the main level light
  • And some overall iterations on the textures and art in general

Known bugs:

  • Menu music stops after staying there for too long
  • After resuming from the pause menu it takes multiple presses before actually reopening the pause menu
  • Bounce pad doesn't understand ground pound cancel
  • When the player dies without getting any checkpoint it will spawn at the latest placed checkpoint
  • The player's movement continues after dying
  • The player leaves a shadow trace
  • Main menu music plays every time you open the main menu thus layering the different tracks over each other
  • Controller support on the menu might not always take the correct input


pango-win.zip 987 MB
Version 8 Jun 13, 2023

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