Early Access Devlog

Excited to share with you our latest build.

What's in this build

  • A fully playable main level from start to finish
  • Improved graphics 
  • Improved audio
  • Improved lighting 
  • Improved athopshere 
  • Functional climbing system
  • New Surfing section

Known issues

  • Edge of world is not fully defined nor built yet
  • Escaping the playable space is possible 
  • Missing respawn points
  • We don't have a climbing-up animation for climbing on top of a moving hanging platform
  • Whiteblockout meshes are present in some places

Known Bugs:

  • Some performance issues may occur
  • Climbing on top of a moving hanging platform is buggy
  • The main character's eye pop-out 

All feedback is appreciated, but we also have a playtesting form with specific questions here

Make sure to also Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes work.


remnants-in-the-sand-win.zip 969 MB
Version 6 Jun 23, 2022

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