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Our journey takes place in 
Suneter, a desert-like alien planet overrun by gigantic robots known as the Kubara

Play as Arlo, a brave kid who has stumbled upon enemy territory whilst exploring the ruins of ancient civilizations. While trying to stay clear from the Kubara’s watchful eye, he tries to unveil the reason behind their presence.

In this Third Person Adventure, you will explore the vast dunes, face the frightening mechanical harvesters and find remnants of a lost civilization in the sand.

Made with Unreal Engine 5

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Remnants_Sand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/remnants_in_the_sand/



  • Tamar Weisal
  • Rene Meegdes
  • Max van der Plas


  • Maud Bakker
  • Ties de Groot
  • Tudor Boneanu
  • Jesse van Rijn
  • Mihail Kostov
  • Hidde Derks 
  • Tamar Weisal


  • Bart van Dongen
  • Abdulla Dönmez
  • Conor Damery Mendez
  • Pepijn van Loon


  • Aleksandra Chapevova
  • Axel Cremers
  • Rosanne Grootjes
  • Celine van der Knaap
  • Olimpia Di Nella
  • Ruben Smit
  • Máté Válent
  • Tom van der Veeken
  • Leroy Vis
  • Max van der Plas
  • Rene Meegdes
  • Jordy de Waal

Original music by Bob Mulder


remnants-in-the-sand-win.zip 969 MB
Version 12 Jul 07, 2022

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  4. Have fun! 

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Looks like a year 3 game. 

Plays like a year 1 game.

(1 edit) (+1)

So on average, it's a year 2 game :)


Thanks! :)