MVP devlog

Excited to share our latest update to Remnants in the Sand!

What's new:

  • Intro scene that showcases our new and improved Kubara
  • Character design updates including cloth simulation, hair, and face and improved animations such as idle and jumping
  • Full audio pass including music, ambiance, SFX and voice
  • Fully dressed  and sculpted environment
  • Mid-game scripted cutscenes
  • Improved indoor surfing
  • Improved climbing mechanics and animations
  • Menus and UI implemented and improved
  • VFX such as sun rays, fog, and sand puffs
  • Ending scene

Fixed issues from the previous build:

  • Character's eyes no longer pop out of place
  • Climbing on top of a moving platform is no longer glitchy and includes animations
  • Missing respawn points were added
  • Locations, where players escaped the edge of the world, were covered
  • All blockout meshes were replaced

Known issues and bugs:

  • Performance issues still occur in certain areas of the level
  • Minor inconsistencies 

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Version 8 Jun 28, 2022

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