Version 0.1.0 Update

The primary goals of this weeks build was to fix gameplay bugs as well as creating a more complete experience. This was achieved by focusing on player feedback, bug fixing, and UI work.


- Many bug fixes!
- Tweaked many damage, health, and pickups values for balancing
- Added a next level button when finishing a level
- Added sword mesh, texture, and animation
- Added new game logo and main menu textures
- Added new gun mesh and animation
- Added bullet visualization
- Added gun shells ejecting from the gun
- Added recoil and sway animation to the gun
- Added elevators
- Added crosshair texture
- Added enemies flashing red when hit
- Added "hurt" state to chaser enemy

  • Added enemy and kill counters
  • Added pickups moving towards the player if the player is close
  • Added dynamic music based on enemy proximity
  • Added new gun sounds
  • Added new music track
  • Added enemy hit sounds

Files 352 MB
Version 1.0.4 Aug 08, 2022 352 MB
Version 1 Jun 16, 2022


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