Version 1.0.0 Release

The key focus leading up to release was to get our product up to a shippable state, meaning that we aimed to replace all placeholder content, and add finishing touches and polish. This would make the product feel more cohesive as well as improving the user experience by eliminating any inconsistencies in standard.


- Added smoke trails to the shotgun fire

- Added an option to invert the vertical axis

- Added UI audio feedback

- Added power up indication to the UI

- Added final audio in places where placeholders were still present

- Added various new sounds to improve player feedback

- Added the ability to change the volume & aim sensetivity in the UI

- Added 3D models for pick-ups and removed old 2D sprites

- Added new sprites and animations to the chaser enemy

- Added particle effects to flame and smoke of chaser enemy

- Added audio to the main menu

- Added audio when the level has been finished

- Added emmisive textures

- Added kill-Z zones

- Added the ability to melee barrels

- Added the functionality to the credits button, which now links to the itch page

- Added dynamic audio to change when in battle or not

- Added head tilt when moving left or right

- Improved game & engine stability with various bug fixes

- Improved the UI art

- Improved Logo

- Improved all levels for better flow

- Improved door textures

- Improved shotgun particles by making them gray rather than orange

- Improved chaser enemy AI

- Improved orb enemy AI

- Improved feedback when picking up pick-ups

- Improved the keycard color from red to yellow

- Improved text display for better readability

- Improved lighting on some maps

- Removed the ability to jump while holding down the jump button

- Removed old 2D sprites from pick-ups

Known Issues:

- Player is able to die when the game is paused and tabbed out

- HUD numbers sometimes display lines next to the numbers

- Gun will fire when the "Continue" button has been pressed in the pause menu

- Menu audio will go silent when reapdily moving over the buttons

- On rare occasions, after killing all enemies near the damage increase pick-up in the first level, the door might not open

- Fighting Z-textures when a door has been opened

- Some map collision issues are still present near ramps in the second level

- Player can still die when finishing the game and viewing the end-screen

- The door that is opened with the button in the first level clips through the cieling and is visible when going up the elevator

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Version 1.0.0 Jun 27, 2022


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