Version 0.2.0 Update

 The goal of this build was to create a more complete experience for the player, by replacing placeholder assets and finalising key aspect of our game. Continued work has been done of player feedback, bug fixing, as well as various changes based on feedback received during playtests.

- Many bug fixes! 
- Tweaked values related to the players movement
- Added new HUD design - Added new animation for shotgun fire
- Added headshots - Added footstep sounds
- Added bullet decals to the shotgun fire
- Added a timer to the level
- Added player feedback when hit
- Added the ability to melee crates
- Added bullet shells ejecting from the gun
- Added new fonts to the text within our game
- Changed the door textures with the final design
- Changed the bullet spray of the shotgun fire to feel more like a shotgun
- Changed placeholder audio with final audio
- Changed sprites of the orb enemy
- Changed sprites of the key cards
- Changed the remaining pick-ups with models
- Changed crosshair
- Changed the default melee button to be E, F and V
- Changed the placeholder logo to our final logo

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Version 3 Jun 21, 2022


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