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High Concept

SUB NIVIS is a first-person shooter inspired by classics like Quake and DOOM. Play as Sister Maria, a nun sent to succeed where others like the Vatican and the UN failed: the Black Pyramid of Alaska.

Once thought to be a figment of only the wildest conspiracies, the Black Pyramid is a terrible reality. Swarming with techno ghosts hell-bent on destruction, you were sent to send them back to their cold, metal graves. Use your trusty sword, the Archangel’s Absolver, to slice-n’-dice your way through the techno-horde. Or use your revolver to blow their mechanical brains out!

Collect several Power-Ups to make your task easier – but be aware, as with anything on God’s green earth, they too are only temporary. Use the supplies left behind by a lost UN task force scattered through the Pyramid to bring an end to the scourge that threatens all of humanity.

Can you survive the dangers of the black pyramid and succeed where others failed?  

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Developer Credits

Tim van der Leeden

Product Owner/Gameplay Programmer
Ralph Warrand

Gameplay Programmer
Guy van der Meulen

Engine/Tools Programmers
Wessel Frijters
Stefan Claasse
Sam van der Hoeven
Joey Staps

CICD/Graphics Programmer
Melvin Rother

Sound Designers/Graphics Programmers
Daniël Cornelisse
Lily Haverlag

Narrative, System, and Level Designer
Attila Szücs

Level Designer
Stefanos Zarakovitis
Victor Stanciu

Visual Artist
Sasja Bradić
Jesse Reichel

Asset Credits

Makkon3 Textures
Ben "Makkon" Hale

Special Thanks to Ex-devs

Bart van Dongen
Jonathan van der Heide
Silvijn de Vries
Cass van den Bos
Saskia Janssen

Special Thanks to Lecturers

Nick Dry
Bojan Endrovski
David Rhodes
Nicole de Jong


sub-nivis-win-stable.zip 352 MB

Install instructions

|To run the game, simply un-zip the sub-nivis-win-stable.zip folder. Then double-click on the SUB_NIVIS.exe to run the game. To begin playing the game, press the START button in the main menu. 

Development log


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Love the music!


Amazing game! even my grandma enjoyed it!


The game is really fun to play and well made! Some of the floating platforms do get triggered early which almost prevent me from progressing. Other than that you guys crafted a fun experience.


Thanks for the feedback and for playing our game! :)


(1 edit) (+3)

Thank you for your interest in our game! This game does not support multiplayer. It was crafted as a single-player experience.