A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to Uncle Lovecraft’s Fun Time Murder Hole - a 3D, real-time isometric game best described as playing mini-golf with humans while they're fleeing to save their lives. Play as a cultist intent upon sacrificing the denizens of Haven to satisfy their Dark Lord’s insatiable hunger.

Become blessed with dark magics the more you sacrifice. Combine your newfound powers with the environment to force unwilling souls into an abyssal pit. Gather villagers as they attempt to run from the ensuing chaos, but be wary of the hellfire that rains from the sky. Put out the flames before you lose any sacrifices to them. The Dark Lord does not feast upon the dead.

You must be quick and efficient from the moment of your first sacrifice, as the rift opened will consume all of Haven and you along with it if the cravings of the Dark Lord remain unappeased long enough.

About the Project

Uncle Lovecraft's Fun Time Murder Hole is an in-development student project. We're currently in the development phase and actively seeking feedback to refine our game. The latest build of the game features:

  • Abilities
    • Gust of Wind
    • Water Stream
  • Gameplay
    • Sacrificing villagers.
    • Environmental interactions.
      • Hellfire raining from the sky, burning villagers and the environment.
      • Extinguishing fires with the Water Stream ability.
      • Physics-based ability interactions with props and villagers alike to push them around.
    • Functional in-game HUD.
    • Tentacles that sprout from the ground and slam down on unsuspecting villagers.
  • Content
    • Levels
      • Haven (Onboarding Level)
      • Forest
      • Outpost
      • Town Square
  • Languages
    • English
    • Dutch
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Japanese (In-progress, but fully playable)

We intend to actively update the game and add more content. Check back frequently here to see what's new and included in the latest build. The Devlog section should provide additional insights on what has been done so far and what we intend to do. Several features are planned for the full release. We'll be sharing more information as development progresses further.


Design & Production

Damien Suurmond
Frits de Laat
Hugo Bomberen
Xan Hisam


Dion van der Wateren
Milo van Pelt
Xavier ten Hove

Visual Arts

Niamh Noordam
Owen Pieternella
Reina Hameršak
Tiffany Jansen

Additional Credits

Nameless Stranger theme by Mothpunk's Junk
Additional sounds from FreeSound.org
Villager VOs by Tiffany Jansen and Xavier ten Hove


Uncle Lovecraft's Fun Time Murder Hole [Windows-64 bit].zip 527 MB
Version 9 Jul 01, 2020
Uncle Lovecraft's Fun Time Murder Hole [MacOS].zip 519 MB
Version 1 Jul 02, 2020

Install instructions

Itch.io App (Recommended):
Installing through the Itch.io App would allow you to update to new versions of the game directly from within the app with a single click.

  • Launch the Itch.io App
  • Select the game in your Itch.io App library
  • Press Install, and then select a path to install to.
  • Once installed, press Launch to play the game.

Direct Download:
Opting for direct downloads would require you to manually download new builds of the game every time there's an update in order to play the latest version.

  • Download the zip file.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Run the ULFunTimeMurderHole.exe to play the game.

Development log

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