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Fungus Funk is a top-down shooter where you as Fun-guy, need to liven up the disco floor by making everyone dance! You can have dance-offs with disco goers and possess them to make them dance with other disco goers. You can also shoot funky "powder" to get them in the mood for some groove.
There are multiple floors you can switch between but be careful. There are disco goers that are stronger than others and don't give in to the funk so easily. You can possess stronger enemies to give yourself an easier time on your feet.


Left Stick[W] [A] [S] [D]Move 
Right StickMove MouseAim
Left Trigger (hold)Right Mouse ButtonSwap to Possession mode
Right TriggerLeft Mouse ButtonShoot
Xbox (A) | Playstation (X)[E]Interact


Main Game:
In this game your goal is to funk up every enemy in the area by either shooting them or possessing them. In order to possess one of the enemies you hold down the left trigger and walk against them.

Mini Game:
This will start a mini game where you need to get more tiles then your opponent to win it. To get them you walk over them and the colours will change. But be wary the enemy can overtake yours when they do the same.

Made by Y1 IGAD Students:

Design & ProductionProgrammingVisual Arts
Ibrahim El AmraniAd BressersAngel Dimovski
Tibbe BestemanAva Van HautKevin Dünow
Jack JadoenathIan HuKylian Vis
Jakub PetrLuca BertLia Kim Kool
Orhan Tekin
Mike van der Heijden


FungusFunk v1.01 516 MB
FungusFunk v1.0 516 MB
Fungus Funk v0.6 512 MB
Fungus Funk v0.5 491 MB
Fungus Funk v0.4 487 MB
Fungus Funk v0.3 574 MB
Fungus Funk v0.2 573 MB

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hi I played :D , I was a bit confused with the goal of the game. I did not understand when I could possess something. The enemy aim is way too precise. All interactable miss feedback (lifts and healing). Aiming was hard.


I played your game, There is some real nice music, One thing that was not so pleasant was that I could not figure out the controls to aim.