Viking Hiking is an 8 weeks long student project made by a team of 20 second-year students from Breda University of Applied Sciences.


Emanuele Ardolino


Briana Prejoianu- Lead Designer,  System Design / QA

Tom Baas - Character / 3Cs Design

Rik Boerma - Level Design

Peter Janssen - System Design / UI / Camera

Mathias Larsen - Level Design


Lisette van den Dolder - Lead Artist, Environmental Art

Seb van den Beemt - Tech Art /  Environmental Art

Maja Bogdanienko - Character Animation

Quinten de Graaf - Prop Art

Natália Feketová  - Rigging

Roselyn Payne - Prop Art / Environmental Art 

Julian Raaijmakers - Character Art (Odin & the raven)

Rohan Reddy - Character Art (Bøf the viking), prop artist 

Sanne van Rijswijck  - Prop Art / UI Art / Graphic Design

Timeea Rublic - VFX


Stefan Pijnacker - Lead Programmer, Graphics Programmer 

Ian Hu - Sound Design

Jamie Penningnieuwland - Graphics / Gameplay Programmer

Rink Wilbrink - Systems/Tools Programmer

Special Thanks

Ibrahim El Amrani - Trailer design & creation

Shane Breedveld

Paul Tiemeijer

Chonky Jones Studios

BUas Teachers and Staff

External Credits

Music and SFX from:

  • Tutec - forest sounds 
  • InspectorJ - water splash effect - beach sounds 
  • NOX_SOUND - Footsteps Essentials 
  • Vixuxx - crow sounds 
  • Adriel Fair - Roaming the Island - Island to Island -
  •  GlobeTrotter 
  • Bonnie Grace - The Norman Kings - A Celtic Blessing 
  • Trailer_Worx - Rural Scandinavia
  • Mixkit - waterfall sounds

Boats assets from:

Viking Hiking is available for free on

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Loving the movement in game. The use of the pole for movement really makes the game unique and unlike ant other game. Really enjoyable experience. Best 20 minutes of my life.

Hello! Thank you for playing our game :) we are really happy that you have enjoyed playing it!