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VIKING HIKING © by Breda University of Applied Sciences & Team Asgardeners

Embark on an epic odyssey alongside Bøf, the courageous son of Tøf,
as he endeavors to reach the majestic realm of Valhalla.

Ascend towering cliffs and harness the power of a mystical horn to navigate a Scandinavian island.
Confront numerous platforming trials and devise your own way to conquer them.

Will you prove your worthiness to unlock the legendary Bifrost?
Prepare for an enchanting journey inspired by Viking mythology in this captivating and enjoyable game.

Latest Itch Update: 19/06/2023


Version Release 1.0

This is an 8 week long student project
made by a team of 20 second-year students from Breda University. 

Viking Hiking trailer

Playable with both controller & keyboard

Controller controls:

Keyboard controls:

  • Classic combat-less Platformer Experience
  • Immersive Gameplay Elements
  • Unique moveset
  • 20 minutes of platforming gameplay

Team Asgardeners

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Viking Hiking - Steam Release 857 MB
Viking Hiking v1.0.1.4 - Itch release 720 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the latest version of the game.
  • Extract the .zip file.
  • Open the Folder and Launch the .exe,
  • Have fun!

Development log


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seems fun to me! But lots of language errors


Lots of spelling errors and grammar errors.

Useless quality sliders, you can just click 4 buttons no need for that extra slider

The sliders for sound are too thin

Buttons don't feel satisfying to click, even a little sparkle or depress animation would do it

Camera is extremely obnoxious, it gave me a bit of dizziness.

The floating button prompts are paperthin, this doesn't look good, and don't account for pc inputs. Even though you recommend controller, some people use physical aid devices to control videogames, so any button prompts should display the actual bound key (even if it is like mouse4 or something), and not your own preset key image. Heck, I recommend getting rid of the prompts altogether, and making the dialogue boxes pop up automatically (but with an easy way to skip it)

It's too easy to accidentaly leave the controls information popup. I click twice on the "keyboard" tab and it's gone.

"Unreal-quirk ghost jump": When you press and let go of the jump button, then during said jump animation press and let go of the jump button again, the character jumps one additional time, delayed. This feels foolish.

The bouncing off obstacles your character slams into is satisfying though.

The dive jump seems like it was taken inspiration from, from Mario 64. I would have preffered some interactivity here, manually deciding when to jump after the dive with the jump button.

I like the collectables, satisfying to see and pick up. Would have preferred them more grouped up and spread in fun ways though, like finding a cluster of them, so you walk in a small circle to collect 5 of them for example.

And yes I made the dive jump with a regular jump. I tried the stick jump but it was very hard. I only later figured out you have to jump, then use the stick..

I don't think using an intended gameplay mechanic can be called "unconvential", mr dialogue box.

You should lock the character for dialogue boxes.

The water looks nice, but a bit too much like resin.

I hit the spikes but nothing happened? No red effect around the screen or nothing..

When you introduce a gimmick like the stick jump, usually you would make a puzzle game around it. I would have loved a pogo trampoline mechanic.

Overall, pretty unfun considering you force the player to play and execute moves to get the objective stones exactly how you want them, with no real freedom of choice.

I bet at some kind of public demonstration of this game, there were a lot of "don't worry just skip this stone, noone here could get it either"


Even though it's not designed for it keyboard controls feel very crisp and responsive. I also like the music, voice acting and artstyle, it all feels very harmonic. The boats are wonky tho. 


The visuals and the gameplay of this 3D-platformer are very nice, but I can also solely recommend it based on an existing and working settings menu.


Best year 2 game! Being a huge 3D Mario fan, I simply had a blast jumping, dashing and flinging around the map with the cleverly designed move set that you guys came up with and the level ingredients force the player to string combinations of these actions together - plain fun! The environment looks downright gorgeous and there wasn't a single moment during which I felt bored or wasn't curious about which part of the map to explore next - especially considering there are quite some surprises hidden throughout! 

I want a full game with 8 vikingdoms! 


Very nice game. I played it at night of the nerds. I found a few glitches and speerunned it but it was a pretty nice game. 10/10


Rolling around the map is very satisfying, that was 40 minutes well spent. Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot for playing! Glad you enjoyed it 😊.


The viking is indeed hiking 10/10


Solid game.

Bof is nice to play.

Thank you for playing Rik, really appreciated!

*Rick :)

Hahaha sorry! Rick :)!