Release Notes Build V07.01.02 - 13/06/2023

Hej, a new version of the game is out!

Key Changes:

  1. Character can roll from the ground.
  2. Horn disappear after being used.
  3. Tutorial area is set dressed.
  4. First pass on decals tutorial.
  5. Raven guides the player in the tutorial.
  6. Checkpoint system is working properly.

Known Issues / Bugs:

  • Menu control input is not stable. 
  • Animation issue when the character is jumping from one platform to another.
  • Some minor issues with collisions.
  • Gate doesn't open. 

Change List:

  • Character VFX
  • Level iteration
  • Audio assets
  • Invisible walls on not playable areas

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See you next time!

- Team Asgardeners 


Viking Hiking v0.7.01.02 475 MB
Jun 13, 2023

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