Changelog Version 0.2


  • Added new meshes for the Toy, Incense Burner and Mirror abilities
  • Implemented inventory and collectible items (using items added to inventory is still W.I.P.)
  • Changed the door unlocking timing and direction


  • Toy ability bugs:
    • The toy can now return to the player (rotates upright and bounces while doing so)
    • Only one toy can be thrown now, and the player needs to add it back to the inventory in order to throw it again
    • The toy is now added back to the player's inventory when reaching their location
    • The toy throw can now be cancelled
  • Pause menu bugs:
    • When pausing and resuming the game, the input mode is set correctly between UI and Game
    • When resuming the game using the "Continue" button in the Pause menu, the mouse cursor disappears and the mouse input focuses on the game window
  • "Start" level:
    • Fixed minor performance issues (still needs more work)

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