Changelog Version 0.4

New / Improved:

  • Correct Levels were added to the game.
  • Combined the Ability Wheel and Inventory UI
  • Added keybind onboarding to the "Interactables" UI and the Hud
  • Implemented correct audio assets for the toy ability


  • Fixed Barrel hiding. Now the player is able to get out
  • Fixed Table hiding. Now the abilities are unequipped when hiding and the interaction text is removed. Collision of the table doesn't interfere with collecting the items placed on top of the table
  • Osakabe now knows when a door is opened or closed and plays the correct animation
  • Osakabe cannot see the player through closed doors anymore
  • Fixed nav mesh, so that AI can walk on stairs

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Version 0.4 Jun 16, 2021

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