Changelog Version 0.82

New / Improved:

  • Implemented gameplay analytics tracking
  • Added Story Scrolls placed in the level that the player can collect and find out more about Osakabe's lore
  • Added Guide Pages placed in the level that explain how the abilities can be used and how hiding works
  • Added the "Settings" Menu to the Pause Screen
  • Added a "Detected" sound when Osakabe is alerted by the player
  • Finished Set Dressing on the Awake Level
  • Mirror can still be used when walking normally
  • Balancing changes: Mirror breaks faster and recovers slower; Osakabe accelerates faster when charging at the player; Lantern oil depletes slower
  • Player can inspect an item when collecting it
  • Inventory is sorted based on item type


  • Fixed nav mesh issues causing Osakabe to get stuck on certain locations
  • Fixed Osakabe getting stuck behind Wall-vents
  • Fixed ability selection breaking after entering and exiting the closet
  • Fixed Main Menu not covering the entire screen
  • Fixed wrong Level naming in the "Levels" Screen
  • Fixed Osakabe getting stuck in the "Stun" state when unequipping the mirror
  • Fixed Floor Breaking Animation floating mid-air
  • Fixed Yellow Key in the "Escape" level being invisible
  • Fixed Particle offset on Doors
  • Fixed wrong keybinds showing on certain interactions
  • Fixed UI overlapping when using certain items in the inventory
  • Fixed being able to move while interacting with the fox
  • Fixed issue with certain sounds not being affected by the audio slider in the settings

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Version 0.82 Jun 30, 2021

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