Official Release - V1.0

Game is officially released!



  • Added more analytics tracking for collecting items, opening doors, inspecting items in inventory, etc.
  • Balanced Mirror recovery and breaking rate


  • Fixed Osakabe getting stuck in the stun state after unequipping the mirror

Known Bugs:

  • Osakabe can get stuck while trying to walk through a door if she is alerted by the player while playing the door opening animation. While she is stuck, she can still be alerted by the player's sight, making her unstuck.
  • Osakabe can sometimes get stuck while trying to walk through the wall-vent. She will automatically get unstuck after a period of time and she will respawn.
  • When entering the fox room, Osakabe will disappear from the level and will respawn when the player exits the fox room.
  • Sometimes when pressing "Continue" in the main menu, the player's keys don't load in the inventory, so the player has to collect them again.
  • When inside a hiding spot, the player can still examine items in their inventory.
  • Lag Spike at the start of the "Escape" level, after walking out of the fox room.

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Version 1.0 Jun 30, 2021
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Jun 30, 2021

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In addition to New/Improved and Fixed, you should have Known Issues to let players know what bugs they might encounter (and offer workarounds, if available).

Known Bugs are already in the readme file. But I've added them now to this post as well so that they can be easily found

Thanks for the quick response! The way that itch installs games can make it difficult for people to locate the file. A little redundancy doesn't hurt.