Changelog Version 0.7

New / Improved:

  • Added all the correct key meshes
  • Implemented Sound Options in the Settings Menu
  • "Escape" Level has been set dressed
  • Implemented saving and loading (Interacting with fox saves the game)
  • Implemented all dialogue texts for the fox
  • Added clothing for Osakabe
  • Added more sounds for different interactions
  • Removed the Incense Burner Ability
  • Removed hiding under the table, as it generated interaction issues for Osakabe
  • Removed interactable candles
  • Added more fluid hand animations for Osakabe


  • Osakabe can now spot the player when entering the barrel and can kill the player inside the barrel
  • Fixed ability selection bugs. Now the player cannot equip abilities while in hiding spots. Now the player can unequip abilities
  • Combined the Inventory Screen and Ability Wheel for easier and less confusing UI navigation
  • Osakabe doesn't get stuck on doors anymore
  • Osakabe doesn't stay invisible after the player goes into the safe room
  • Fixed item scaling issues
  • Disabled Motion Blur
  • Fixed lack of detection when in Osakabe's peripheral vision

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Version 0.7 Jun 24, 2021

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