A downloadable game for Windows


osakabe-win.zip 880 MB
Version 1.01 Jul 08, 2021
Readme.txt 11 kB

Install instructions

Installing through the browser

  • Download the zip file to your machine
  • Extract the files using the unzipping tool of your choice
  • Open the extracted folder and then launch Y2_Osakabe.exe

Known Issues

  • If you experience any graphical problems, please make sure you have the latest video drivers available for your Graphics Card installed.
  • It is not advisable to modify the name of the installation root-folder. It is recommended to use the - prompted by the installer - default name ("Osakabe").
  • It is recommended to close all other running programs before installing the game, to reduce the risk of software conflicts.

Development log


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Dope game, kinda reminds me of Shadow Corridor!


I had the monster up and disappear when I was hiding. I would take a look at that. But otherwise, the game's ok.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

I did not really play, please let me shut off Motion Blur. 


Genuinely keen to see this progress! A lot of potential here! Encountered a few bugs which you can see in the playthrough. Mostly ghost spawning in walls and getting stuck in a prone position. Otherwise this looks really good and I'm liking the direction. Can't wait to see a more fleshed out version!

Thank you for the feedback! We are excited to see you play the final version of the game when it's released.

Keen to play it!