Changelog Version 0.31

Eearly Access release!


  • Implemented player hand animations
  • Implemented mirror reflection and condition meter that breaks the mirror when looking at Osakabe for too long
  • Implemented incense burner smoke emitter
  • Implemented lantern interaction with candles and oil meter that can be replenished by oil jars found in the level
  • Implemented Inventory UI (item icons + tooltips + item usage)
  • Added clothes to Osakabe
  • Implemented fox idle animation and looking at player. The fox can also be interacted with which brings up a dialog box
  • Added Osakabe to the level
  • Implemented Osakabe searching the closet for the player
  • Implemented ability selecting through the Ability Wheel
  • Added ability meshes and textures


  • Fixed performance issues related to the particle effects and movable lights
  • Fixed Osakabe collision with doors and wooden beams
  • Fixed Toy collision to not affect Osakabe's or the fox's location
  • Fixed UI input and focus loss in the Pause Menu, Main Menu and Inventory Menu
  • Fixed Barrel hiding

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Version 0.31 Jun 15, 2021

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