Update 0.8 has been released!

Hello everyone! Version 0.8 has been released for the early access of Ruckus and Rascal! This version brings some new features, changes and bug fixes!

  • [Added] - New models and animations for the chef
  • [Added] - Materials for the chef
  • [Added] - Settings menu, where resolution and audio settings can be changed
  • [Added] - Footstep sounds for both characters (Rascal currently has some placeholder audio. Will be changed in a future update!)
  • [Added] - Footstep decals for both characters
  • [Added] - Secret item that the users can receive when winning big with the slot machine
  • [Added] - NPCs that play animations and do work around the level
  • [Changed] - Several changes to the level layout
  • [Changed] - Further improvements to the set dressing
  • [Changed] - Post processing effect, making the game more colorful
  • [Changed] - Character outline post processing effect
  • [Changed] - Several optimizations
  • [Changed] - Replaced some UI art so that it looks more polished
  • [Changed] - UI font (not final, will be changed in the future)
  • [Changed] - Slot machine model and textures
  • [Fixed] - Disabled drawing of debug
  • [Fixed] - Issue where both players can be caught at the same time while disguised
  • [Fixed] - Issue where Rascal was caught by enemies but this wasn't being shown to the user
  • [Fixed] - Carrying mechanic could be spammed
  • [Fixed] - Issue where players could push and pull boxes while also holding an item
  • [Fixed] - Issue where box pushing direction was sometimes inverted
  • [Fixed] - Issue where balancing minigame controls were sometimes inverted
  • [Fixed] - Credits video is now displayed correctly

Please let us know what you think! We are very close to release, so we are trying to fix most of the bugs that we can find. If you have any feedback, please let us know in the comments. Any and all feedback is welcome!



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Jun 15, 2023

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