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Ruckus & Rascal is now available! Any and all feedback is welcome!

Grab a friend and start your journey in this chaotic co-op adventure where you play as two devious raccoons who love causing chaos. Use each other's strengths to make your way through the diner towards the head chef, and teach him a lesson for screwing up your home. But be careful, the diner's staff doesn't like you messing with their property, so they will try to catch you!

Ana Ștefan

Rick de Haan
Koen van Leeuwen

Aleksej Baranovskij
Ilan Geerlings
Martijn Hagenaars
Jitse ten Hove

Luka Bijmolen
Juanvi Garcia Riquelme
Amber van den Heuvel
Ketlin Riks
Stan Versteeg


Ruckus&Rascal-1.0.1.zip 424 MB
Ruckus&Rascal-1.1.4.zip 427 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the game files.
2. Extract the game files in your desired location.
3. Once extracted, go into the game folder > Windows.
4. There, you will find an executable file, "RaccoonGame_5_1.exe". Double-click it to run the game!
5. Enjoy the game!


Controller Layout

Development log


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Even Talisman Artisan had a borderless mode, it's kind of essential when I want to tab out to make notes on this game.

It wasn't super clear at first, but the character select screen is interesting, although it seems that going in blind, this game is unclear that you need 2 players to play. No error, no warning, nothing. I don't have a 2nd controller, or a way for someone with parsec to join in on their keyboard, or to have at least half the keyboard be for the other player. (how did you playtest this game, always 2 controllers?)

Sloppy that I don't get a warning but I can't test anything in this game, so I can't judge it.


I played the game with one of my friends during playday and we really appreciated a lot of the clever ideas that went into this game! 

First things first, you guys NAILED the cuphead artstyle! This game is great to look at and just sparks a fun fantasy; The characters look silly and schemish and you can tell that there was a lot of love put into it.

The combination of both characters into a human with one player controlling the structure while the other one handles the balancing minigame is a clever idea that is executed really well!

Navigating around the kitchen and the idea of finding a way past the AI is cool, but the execution is a bit lacking. I thought that the AI was sometimes...too unforgiving? Especially when I just came out of one of the port-holes, they were already waiting for me! Also, I'd like to have something to do when put in a trash can...I get that it's supposed to serve as a punishment, but I was in there for a whole minute at some times...maybe let me go trashcan-mode and "bounce" my way towards the other player :D

Other than that, with some big fixes here and there, a project that I could see expand! 

Cool homage to It takes Two with the Find 4 minigame!


Hello! First things first, I tried to see how far I can get playing by myself with a controller and a keyboard. I managed to reach the other end of the Kitchen and would like to share some of my input with you, if that is alright.

The small bubble that shows what to press to have an interaction with an object does not show for me witth either keyboard or controller, when getting close to the movable blocks, so it took a while to figure out how to move them. I suppose the transparent blocks that are passable only in human disguise are to become doors. I was thinking that maybe some limited amount of them to also require a key on top of the disguise, just to give more of a reason to move around the area and increase the chance of getting caught, but to also achieve player instant gratification for collecting items throughout the map. 

I do not know if you are going to have more items laying around to be collected by the players, but I think some, eventually, would be beneficial for the purpose of increasing the engagement of the player with the environment.

When the first camera alarm went off, I did not realize that was the camera, despite the red led on it. It was a bit hidden in the corner until I got really close to it. The lack of a more visually obvious feedback for triggering the alarm made it redundant for me to try to avoid it in the first place. I was missing something happening with the triggering of it. Same for the rest of them. The light projected on the floor by the camera could change colour to signal that it has been triggered, for starters, and some punishment could take place after (return to checkpoint, humans/dogs running after you, etc).

Speciffically in regards to my interaction with the human NPC's, I felt like they area of effect for being captured could be silghtly wider. I felt like they really needed to get into my soul to be able to grab me. They also seemed to be just a tad slow to react.

Despite controlling both characters and consistently being unable to balance the disguise, hence falling out of it, I still managed to cheese my way out, even when dropping next to a human, by imediately pressing the disguise key again. While this could be greatly improved by implementing the above ideas, I feel like there should be some punishmenet for being seen out of disguise as well. Maybe there could be a cooldown on the disguise so I dont have time to get back into it, hence having to run around until I reach a safe spot to equip it again. 

Lastly, I feel like the player will need some nudging meant to guide them just a little bit if you plan on implementing getting busted by the camera or if starting the disguise while being watched.

Othe than that, I feel like th project is pretty solid. It just needs finishing!

Thank you so much for reading and good luck with the deadline!

Thank you so much for your long and elaborate comment! We really appreciate you taking the time to give us this feedback. We will take these points into account for the final build :)


Ah, I am glad it helped! I hope to play the final version on the play day ^^ Good luck!


MODE story single ?

The category of our game is a couch co-op, so we will be focussing on a two-player experience. Thank you for commenting.


You forgot to set the fps limit and when the game starts it stops and doesn't let you play :(

Thank you for your comment! we will look into that and fix it as soon as possible.