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📜 Description 📜

Play as a mysterious, magical character, helping souls to pass on to the afterlife by collecting scattered pieces of their soul.  Explore an oneiric limbo world and face challenges to complete your mission and unravel the secrets and mourning of the lost souls.

🕹️ Controls 🕹️


WASD | Basic Movement

Mouse | Camera Movement

Space Bar | Jump, Double Jump

Left Click | Interact, Grab Cube, Throw Cube

Right Click | Release Cube

Shift (Mid-Air) | Glide


Left Stick | Basic Movement

Right Stick | Camera Movement

A Button | Jump, Double Jump

Right Trigger | Interact, Grab Cube, Throw Cube

B Button | Release Cube

Left Trigger (Mid-Air) |  Glide

📝 Design 📝

Katelin Van Lissum

Luca Yavuzok

Luciano van Waas

Matteo Ugrote

Melina Martinez Tabares

Radu Nenu

Rico Visscher

Sebastiaan van der Kruijs

Sven Leitsch

🎨 Art 🎨

Alessia Kemner

Anne Teunissen

Dani Spaargaren

Jordy de Waal

Mika Goddrie

Nathalie Stuit

Olivier Dral

Renee Rozemeijer

Vassil Mihaylov

💻 Programming 💻

Cas Trines

Nicolo Conte

Tom van het Ende

💿 Original Soundtrack (by Katelin van Lissum) 💿



Vana 542 MB

Install instructions

1. Click "Download"
2. Download and Extract "Vana.zip" to Preferred Location
3. Open the Folder "Vana" in Chosen Location
4. Open "Vana.exe"
5. Have Fun!

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Update: I got a pc with a real gpu, and it looks pretty. After the first boss with the cubes, i got to the door that required three cubes to open and then it just booted me to the main menu resetting all my progress and making me start over from the beginning. 

It looks pretty, but the framerate drops like a brick from the word go rendering it unplayable. In addition, the vertical ledges that you can jump over kinda become black rectangles when moving.

Here's my system info, though you should probably optimize this more generally

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
CPU: Intel i5-8265U (8) @ 3.900GHz
GPU: Intel WhiskeyLake-U GT2 [UHD Graphics 620]
Host: 10YM004SUS ThinkCentre M630e
Wiine Version: 7.12-staging

Hi Relma, thanks for playing our game! This build only officially supports Windows, and since it’s a Windows build being run through Wine, there will be glitches and unwanted behavior. For the future we might extend that to officially support Linux too, but thanks for the data and the specific technicalities, it’s gonna be useful!

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Thank you very much! Great works! :)