Vana | Development Log v1.1

Release Notes for Vana [Version 1.1]

General Changes:

  • The dynamic music system has been updated.
    • Music changes are now in line with environment changes.
  • Added Discord Rich Presence.
  • Added SFX for checkpoints.
  • Updated and remixed audio.
  • Add boss VFX.
  • Added text at starting cutscene to give more context to the narrative.
  • Added soul VFX to narrative environment elements.
  • Added new animations to the cutscenes.
  • Worked on (improving) set dressing and lighting in section 1, 2, 3 and tree.
  • Added draw distance to the lights in section 1, 2, 3 and tree.


  • Fixed: When skipping cutscenes, music still changes when needed.
  • Fixed: The boss at the end of Section 2 now has working animations.
  • Fixed: The enemy/boss death sound effect now plays earlier.
  • Fixed: the existing lighting is now less performance heavy as before.
  • Fixed: Foliage shadows appear more frequently now. 
  • Fixed: Removed collision on the bushes and plants in the environment.
  • Fixed: Texture transition from the rocks reworked. (The Level of Detail transition started not at the right time)
  • Fixed: Post-cutscene spawn locations.
  • Fixed: Wrongly-colored bushes in section tree.
  •  Fixed The boss is now properly interrupted when hit with a cube.
  •  Fixed: Grab onboarding trigger not disappearing.

Known Issues:

  • The Options Menu does not support controller navigation.
  • The Skip button sometimes remains on screen.
  • Some buttons in the Options Menu cannot be focused.
  • It is possible to activate previous checkpoints and lose progress.
  • Opening the Feedback Survey mid-gameplay can cause the character to move forward without any input from the player.
  • Skipping the Credits on the main menu with either the Space bar or Enter key will result in you instantly loading up the game.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Resolution", the resolution settings do not save, nor apply.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Audio", the audio settings are saved between sessions, but can be set to above 100%.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Game", multiple actions can be set to the same input.
  • The TeleCube can be flung into the level's geometry by standing next to wall and clipping the TeleCube through the wall.
  • Certain spots in the Level can get you soft-locked.
  • Sometimes you can't pick up / throw the TeleCubes right away.

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