Vana | Development Log v0.1

General Changes:

  • The character metrics have been iterated upon. The character is starting to take shape.
    • The character has also been given some procedural animation.
  •  The camera metrics have been iterated upon. The camera is able to create more cinematic moments.
  • The controls have been simplified. The control scheme makes use of less buttons for the same number of actions.
  • The level design ingredients have been polished.
    • Cutscene System - Bug-Free
    • Enemy Functionality - Iterated Upon
    • Doors - Added Fade-In/Fade-Out and Camera Switch
    • Jump Pad - Polished
    • Moving Platform - Polished
    • Memory Stone - Polished

Known Issues:

  • The Player is unable to navigate the main menu using the Arrow Keys unless the mouse cursor is hovering over either of the buttons.
  • The "Credits" button is inactive.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Resolution", the resolution settings do not save, nor apply.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Audio", the audio settings do not save, nor apply.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Game", multiple actions can be set to the same input. This makes the game impossible to beat in some cases.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Game", once an action has been changed to a different input, it no longer presents the Player with the action itself. This makes it hard to tell which action the Player has changed.
  • The game freezes after loading into the level after quitting through the Pause Menu. This requires the Player to restart the game.
  • The TeleCube disappeared after being shot into the distance and did not respawn.
  • The TeleCube can be flung into the level's geometry by standing next to wall and clipping the TeleCube through the wall.

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