Vana | Development Log v1.0 - Out Now!

Release Notes for Vana [Version 1.0]

General Changes:

The game is now officially released and out of Early Access!

  • Added ReadMe.txt file.
  • The level has been fully set-dressed and has received another lighting pass.
  • The game has received an optimization pass too, making it run smoother.
  • The boss enemy has received some patches, improvements and is more balanced.
  • A UHD resolution has been added to the Graphics settings.
  • The hero assets have been placed throughout the level.
  • The slide has received improvements with animations.
  • Healing areas is now visually pleasing.
  • Parrying has been balanced and improved too.
  • Overall improved music and sound.
  • Adjusted the colors in the UI.
    • Options menu.
    • Credits menu.
  • Added more people to the credits.
  • The player path has been cleared out a bit.


  • Fixed the onboarding animations.
  • Fixed the audio menu softlocking the game.
  • Fixed being able to move the camera during a cutscene.
  • Fixed respawning at checkpoints not placing the camera in the right orientation.

Known Issues:

  • Some SFX are a bit loud.
    • Player Death SFX are a bit loud.
  • Background Music is a bit loud. 
  • Wind SFX are a bit loud.
  • You cannot navigate the Main menu with your arrow keys or controller anymore after going to the Options menu (Main menu ver.) and back.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Resolution", the resolution settings do not save, nor apply.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Audio", the audio settings do not save, nor apply.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Game", multiple actions can be set to the same input.
  • The TeleCube can be flung into the level's geometry by standing next to wall and clipping the TeleCube through the wall.
  • You can get stuck in the dog statue.
  • After the dog cutscene, the camera can get stuck inside the player character.
  • Certain spots in the level can get you softlocked.
  • Sometimes you can't pick up / throw the cubes right away.


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Jun 28, 2022

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