Vana | Development Log v0.2

General Changes:

  • The planned level from last sprint has been realised and implemented in-engine.
    • Section 0 | Onboarding (Melina)
    • Section 1 | Telekinesis (Matteo)
    • Section 2 | Enemies / Platforming (Luciano)
    • Section 3 | Moving Platforms / Platforming (Rico)
    • Section 4 | Ending (Melina)
  • The Player Character has received the following updates...
    • Updated ModelUpdated
    • Updated Animations
    • SFX
      • Walking
      • Jumping
      • Landing
    • VFX
      • Walking
      • Jumping
      • Landing
      • Double Jump
      • Cube Interaction
  • The User interface has been iterated upon...
    • The Main menu has received an update. It still features the same buttons but looks a lot sleeker and now features simple art rather than an in-game camera and level.
    • There is now a Loading screen.
    • The Logo has been iterated upon, multiple times.
    • The Pause menu has been iterated upon.
  • The initial cutscene has been realised and implemented in-engine. This cutscene starts as soon as the Player character loads into the scene.
  • The colliders on the Push and Pull platforms have been improved.
  • The Partner statue has been added to the level.
  • The Enemy model has received an update.
    • The Enemy's projectiles can now be parried.
  • The Door has been revamped.
    • It functions as intended.
    • It now triggers a proper camera change and fade in- and out.
    • The Door and Button have now been linked.
  • The Dynamic Environment System has been added.


  • Fixed the game freezing after loading into the level after quitting through the Pause Menu. This required the Player to restart the game.
  • Fixed the TeleCube dissapearing after being shot into the distance and not respawning.
  • Fixed the Player Character not being able to glide.
  • Fixed the "Play New Level" button not being able to navigate to using the Arrow Keys.
  • Fixed the Player having the ability to walk during the first cutscene.
  • Fixed the Player being able to walk on the geometry that resembles water behind the starting area. 
  • Fixed the Player being able to reach certain development content. 
  • Reduced the size of Section 0.
  • Reduced the size of Section 4.
  • Fixed the game fading to black and never returning if the Player tried to open the door leading into Section 1 at the end of Section 0.
  • Fixed the Player not respawning if they fell off the map.
  • Fixed the Button near the middle of the level that triggered a camera in Section 0 once hit.

Known Issues:

  • The Options Menu leads to last build's level.
  • The Cutscene at the beginning of the level is unskippable.
  • The Player is unable to navigate the main menu using the Arrow Keys unless the mouse cursor is hovering over either of the buttons.
  • The "Credits" button is inactive.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Resolution", the resolution settings do not save, nor apply.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Audio", the audio settings do not save, nor apply.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Game", multiple actions can be set to the same input. This makes the game impossible to beat in some cases.
  • In the Pause Menu, under "Game", once an action has been changed to a different input, it no longer presents the Player with the action itself. This makes it hard to tell which action the Player has changed.
  • The TeleCube can be flung into the level's geometry by standing next to wall and clipping the TeleCube through the wall.
  • The TeleCube can trigger triggers meant for the Player to pass through. This could detract from the experience if, for instance, a TeleCube is shot into the distance and happens to trigger a bunch of platforms the Player might not have known about.
  • Some Moving Patforms teleport in the middle of their animation.

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